Which Costa Rican Vehicle Organization Is Most effective?

Renting a Vehicle in Costa Rica? Which corporation need to you decide on?

There are so quite a few rent-a- vehicle organizations to decide on from in Costa Rica – from the big international firms to the smaller sized national agencies.

Testimonials on the world wide web invariably either damn or sing the praises of each and every corporation to the extent of becoming just about useless. So how do you decide on the very best spot to employ a vehicle for your trip?

Lots of vacationers that rent cars in Costa Rica complain that they have been ripped off when they understand the further price of insurance coverage they are obliged to spend or that they have been charged a dollar price that reflected the currency price and not the quoted price.

Understanding the insurance coverage laws and charges that bind the Costa Rican vehicle rental organizations may perhaps enable you to ask the ideal queries when you are reserving your automobile and steer clear of a nasty shock upon arrival. If a corporation is not upfront about its added expenses you may perhaps want to take into account regardless of whether it is a corporation that you decide on to take your company to.

I have worked inside the tourism market in Costa Rica for the final six years and have lived right here given that 2000. I am familiar with the feelings that quite a few guests to the nation practical experience when dealing with rent-a- vehicle organizations.

These can variety from delight to discomfort to outright fury occasionally due to the inefficiency, or even dishonesty of the rental agency, but also due to the renter’s lack of understanding of the legally binding restrictions inside which Costa Rican vehicle rental firms have to operate. I hope that although this short article will not assure you difficulty-no cost automobile rental it may well make you a much more knowledgeable client.

Insurance coverage requirements, added expenses in rental and surcharges are deemed in much more detail beneath:

Insurance coverage:

Simple insurance coverage is mandatory. Costa Rican law is extremely clear on this and your rental vehicle corporation can not enable you to leave with their vehicle with out obtaining agreed to spend it. Anticipate to spend someplace among $9 and $20 per day on top rated of your vehicle rental price. An truthful, vehicle rental agency will make this extremely clear in their pricing. If it is not clear regardless of whether the insurance coverage is integrated in the rental price ask for clarification and be conscious of other potentially unstated expenses.

Verify regardless of whether your insurance coverage policy covers you to drive in Costa Rica. Some policies involve Collision Harm Waivers and will cover Central America. If you are covered, bring proof (in writing) for your automobile rental corporation. If not, take into account regardless of whether you would be safer to spend the further price of this added coverage. This portion is not mandatory.

Zero liability is supplied by rent-a- vehicle organizations. You may perhaps want to take into account regardless of whether you would really feel much more at ease being aware of that you would not be liable for any expenses need to one thing take place although you are renting their automobile. You are not obliged to obtain this supplemental insurance coverage.

Further Charges:

Lots of vehicle rental organizations will charge added costs for a youngster/child seat, an added driver, luggage racks or cooler. You can anticipate to spend up to $eight everyday for each and every of these extras. Even though by purchasing about, you can discover organizations that will provide some or all for a reduce value, or even no cost.

With Costa Rican roads becoming notoriously poorly signposted and the complete nation operating on an address technique primarily based on landmarks rather than road names or numbers, a GPS is important for quite a few vehicle renters. You will commonly spend among $eight and $15 a day for this service. It is relatively widespread practice to enable renters to use 1 of their cell phones for the duration, but if you want to use it for your personal calls you are going to clearly be charged.


Some rental vehicle organizations incorporate taxes and added costs into their rental price other individuals do not. Make confident you know what you will be charged for on top rated of your rental charge. Airport costs can be charged at 13% of your rental price which is a sizable charge to spend in addition to an agreed rental charge. You may perhaps also be charged a license plate charge, environmental charge and/or any other charge that the rental vehicle corporation has to meet (or pocket).

Rates for the rental will be offered in US dollars, but as the nearby currency is colones, you need to have an understanding of that exchange prices modify everyday and what you are charged on your credit card on the day of payment may perhaps differ slightly from what you had been quoted.

Criteria for Rating Vehicle Rental Providers:

For this short article, 3 (three) primary points had been deemed for each and every corporation:

1) Worth: Is the rental price competitive?

2) Efficiency: How speedy do they respond to the requirements of the client?

3) Transparency: How clear is the facts supplied by the corporation?

You may perhaps have your personal criteria, but primarily based on complaints from preceding shoppers on neighborhood web-sites like Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, and so on., the needs of these customers seemed primarily primarily based about these 3 fundamental regions.

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