Mercedes Benz – Which Class is For You

So you know you want a Mercedes Benz vehicle, or you want to upgrade to a new a single. Join the club. Whether or not you want it as a statement of style, or you want it mainly because their automobiles are engineered to be some of the safest on the road, or you just want to it impress the neighbors, you want a single.

But which a single? That is the actual query.

Mercedes-Benz USA presents 15 unique classes of automobiles, broadly grouped into seven physique designs. The Mercedes Benz corporate site is really useful in navigating your possibilities. You can supplement that with Motor Trend Magazine’s New Vehicle Finder if you restrict the search to the Mercedes-Benz make.

Regardless of the tool you use, your initially job is to assess what you want the vehicle for. Very first, although, a word about security. It is quite considerably a offered for any Mercedes Benz model you pick. You will locate debate about it, but Mercedes has generally been a single of the safest automobiles on the road. So restricting your search to only protected models is unlikely to assistance you. It is superior to get started with what you will use the vehicle for.

Want a vehicle for the loved ones? No challenge, but what does your loved ones appear like? You will will need to know how quite a few persons you will need to move, their ages and their requires.

This is exactly where physique style and the quantity of seats turn into essential. Mercedes Benz does not provide a accurate mini-van, for instance, so if you have little ones you will need to transport, you will likely be hunting at a GL-Class SUV, or an E-Class wagon, or probably an R-Class crossover. If you only have adults to move, that widens the field a bit to incorporate the C-Class, E-Class and S-Class sedans.

If you are hunting for a vehicle for oneself, or probably you and your spouse, the coupes and roadsters come into play. The CL-Class, CLK-Class and CLS-Class coupes provide style and luxury equivalent to the sedans, but with only two doors. The SL-Class, SLK-Class and SLR-Class roadsters give you the ideal of Mercedes Benz engineering and road race inspired design and style.

So far, I’ve assumed cost is no object. Mercedes is not a bargain automobile, but you do have some options. In the sedan category, for instance, a nonetheless luxurious and sensible C-Class begins at just below $34,000 for a strong V6 engine and 26 mpg on the highway. Or you can pump up the energy at the higher finish and go for the AMG model for a beefy V8 at virtually twice the cost. And if you are independently wealthy, you can invest in an SLR-Class roadster beginning at practically half a million dollars.

When you have narrowed the possibilities down by physique style, quantity of seats and cost, you can additional restrict your searches by fuel economy and capabilities.

Now this clearly is just what is obtainable on the Mercedes site, but it really is the bulk of what you will hear from a salesman in a showroom. The distinction is that a salesman can address really certain concerns about unique capabilities and possibilities in every single model. If you are hunting for definitive information and facts, there is no substitute for speaking to a human who knows the item…and practically nothing beats essentially seeing, feeling and experiencing the car you are contemplating.

A Mercedes Benz vehicle is a considerable economic commitment, no matter which model you go with. If you will do a tiny preparation prior to going to your nearby dealer, you will have a superior thought of exactly where you will match in the Mercedes class universe, and you will get the most out of your new Mercedes vehicle obtain.

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