Why Auto Physique Repair Shops “Hate Our Guts”

The two most frequent automobile accidents are receiving hit though parked and rear finish collision. For the rear finish collision, around 75% of them are much less than 10 miles per hour, 94% happen on straight roads and most are direct hits. The typical claim is much less than $1,500.

Just from the five mile per hour “rear into pole” crash tests carried out by the Insurance coverage Institute For Highway Security, the finest rear bumper on a pickup truck sustained more than $600 harm in 2004 (the final time the IIHS tested pickup trucks) and the worst sustained more than $two,000 harm. SUV bumpers had even far more harm in this walking speed accident with the worst sustaining more than $four,000 harm.

You can see why bumper manufacturing corporations and auto repair facilities are smiling. The typical quantity of plastic bumpers becoming replaced each and every year is more than eight million with the typical price to repair a plastic bumper $450 and the typical price to replace a single is $900. And what are they produced of – thin metal, plastic, fiberglass and even foam – extremely flimsy stuff. Now, if you hit the bumper, you hit the auto. And there are thousands of tailgaters, inattentive, distracted drivers, drivers with poor judgment and lousy-stinking parallel parkers out there just prepared to wreck your automobile.

In 2007 I did a reside radio speak show interview on The Auto Channel about rear finish collisions and a single of the interviewers was an auto physique repair guy. The host of the show asked this physique shop guy: “Are you interested in obtaining persons defend themselves? (from a rear finish collision)” and his answer was “Not necessarily.” And he continued on by adding “For these of us in the physique shop business enterprise, that is how we make our living.” I did not get genuine warm and fuzzy feelings from this guy at all. And I entirely understood due to the fact I was introducing a solution that would remove a lot of his business enterprise.

But, soon after obtaining been in a rear finish collision, all the hassle that it entailed, the quantity of harm we sustained and the threat of my insurance coverage going up, I decided to do some thing about it – and the auto physique shops never like it at all. Needless to say I will not have to be concerned about marketing in any auto physique magazines or net web sites.

Now, if you paid $40,000 for a new auto, totaled it and wanted to place it back collectively once more with new components, it would price you $150,000. Auto physique shops and automobile companies never drop revenue in their components departments. And like Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes when stated “bumpers never defend something except the earnings of automobile components departments.”

You can take a proactive method to this massive challenge and defend your household, automobile and insurance coverage just before the ” auto physique shops” get you or you can wait till it takes place and want you’d carried out some thing about it. There are items on the marketplace currently that will stop a lot of this harm. And when almost 15% of the drivers out there are uninsured and you are armed with a $500 deductible it is defiantly worth your time to attempt to come across them.

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